How to Use the Mobile App

How to Request a New Spending Limit in the Mobile App

All Rho users can be assigned a user spending limit, which is a fixed monthly limit they can spend across all their cards in 1 month.

If you have a user limit assigned to you, you can request an increase via the Rho Mobile App.

How to request a limit increase

Open the Rho App and click on the Overview tab. Here, you can see what you’ve spent, your remaining spend limit, and when your limit will reset.

Click Request New User Limit.


Enter the dollar amount and reason, and click Submit Request.


Users with permissions to approve your request will receive a notification prompting them to review. 

Once a limit increase is approved, it remains beyond the current period indefinitely. Limit decreases are manually configured by your organization administrators. 

Please note: Approvers must have push notifications enabled in the Rho App. 

Requests are only live for 24 hours. If the request is not approved within 24 hours, it will automatically be canceled. 

If your request is approved, your new user limit is permanent, unless an administrator manually reduces it.