Prime Treasury

How To Use Prime Treasury

Monitor and manage your portfolio any time via the Prime Treasury page in the Rho dashboard, and gain complete visibility into the assets you own.


The Overview tab houses the main, high-level dashboard for Prime Treasury, allowing you to have oversight into your account. 

  • You can view information including your account balance, portfolio composition, earning rate, the total interest earned and your Investment Policy information.
  • You can also navigate to add & withdraw funds from your account, as well as view account statements.


The Activity tab provides a detailed, chronological log of all activity in your Prime Treasury account. 

  • You can track your money transfers, interest paid on cash & securities, as well as information on security buys, sells and maturities.


The Transfers tab shows a list of all transfer activity in your Prime Treasury account. 

  • You can see your account’s transfer activity information, including deposits, withdrawals and canceled transactions.
  • From this tab, you can add funds, withdraw funds, and cancel transactions.

Bank Monitoring

The Bank Monitoring tab allows you to link and monitor the bank accounts associated with your Prime Treasury account.

  • Within this tab, link your external bank accounts, and set the minimum balances & top up amounts for these.
  • You’re able to monitor the balances of your linked bank accounts, as well as the minimum balances & top up amounts you have set for these accounts at any time.

You can cancel your Prime account at any time by contacting Rho. For Prime Treasury, the best value from the product is seen by having cash invested for the longest period of time possible.

Investment management and advisory services provided by RBB Treasury LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser. RBB Treasury LLC facilitates investments in securities: investments are not deposits and are not FDIC Insured • Investments are not guaranteed, and may lose value. Investment products involve risk and past performance does not guarantee future results.

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