About Rho Cards

The Rho Card with Daily Terms

The Rho Card gives businesses the ability to maximize Cashback Rewards, while maintaining total control over daily card spend. 

Advantages of the Card program include:

  • Unlimited virtual & physical cards with total control
    • Custom limits
    • Lock/unlock/cancel instantly from anywhere
  • Built-in expense management features, including auto-approval routing, receipt capture, and custom spending limits
  • Automated transaction coding and budgeting
  • The Rho App, which you and your employees can use to track spend in real-time

Important: As part of Rho’s Card Program, your company receives a daily credit limit. The limit is determined based on a combination of your available checking balance as well as risk factors that vary by client. As your available checking balance varies over time, this limit is not a static limit over time. Learn more about the Rho checking account here

Keep reading to learn more about how the Card program works. 

Getting started 

To begin using your Card, please take the following steps:

  1. Fund your account (follow these steps to fund your account). Your daily limit is based on a combination of your available checking balance and various risk factors. As such, do ensure that you have sufficient available checking balance to support your company’s intended spend. 
  2. If you intend to spend over $100,000 daily using your card, please contact our team via chat or email at clientservice@rho.co.
  3. Create Rho cards to start spending.

Viewing Card Transactions

The Rho Cards Tab holds all itemized card activity. Your credit repayment transfers made from your Rho checking account can be seen in the Banking Tab.


Payments are automatically debited from your Rho checking account just after midnight EST for that day’s activity. Daily auto-repayment amounts are for the total amount of settled charges from the prior day

For example: Monday's charge period begins at 12:01 am EST Monday morning and lasts until midnight Monday night. The repayment for Monday's charges follows. Then Tuesday's charge period begins at 12:01 am EST on Tuesday.



Credit Dashboard

After navigating to the Cards Tab, your Overview page displays the most recent activity of all of your Rho Cards including your credit balance dashboard.

Screen Shot 2023-09-19 at 1.06.58 PM.png

Current Balance The sum of settled card transactions, minus repayments made.

Pending Charges A total sum of the charges that have been initiated but not yet settled (approved or denied) by the merchant, regardless of the day in which they were initiated. NOTE: Pending Charges are subtracted from your available credit. The sum of pending charges will carry over to your following spend period until the time the charges are settled by the merchant. Once the charges settle the funds will be accounted for in your Current Balance.


Accounts on our card program receive monthly summary card statements on the 1st of each month, in tandem with Checking Account Statements. For more information, see Viewing Statements. 

Rho Card charges can also be downloaded to CSVs in addition to Rho Card statements that will populate in your Rho Documents Tab.