Using Quickbooks with Rho

How to set up Rho's QuickBooks Integration

The following instructions describe how to set up an integration between your Rho Account and your existing Quickbooks Online account. By following these instructions, Rho connects to Quickbooks from the Rho application, not via the bank feed on the Quickbooks application, however, the ability to connect to Quickbooks Online via there bank feed is currently slated for Q4 of 2023.

(Please note this integration is only for Quickbooks Online. For Quickbooks Desktop, you can download a CSV of transactions from your Rho account via these steps and upload them to QB Desktop).

  1. Once you are signed into the Rho platform, click the Integrations icon from the Rho toolbar.

  2. Click the Quickbooks icon.

  3. Follow the login instructions to connect to your Quickbooks account.

  4. When finished, click the Banking icon from the Rho toolbar.

  5. Select the desired account (for example, Primary Operating Account).

  6. Click the Quickbooks Sync button.

Once integrated, your Rho transactions will flow through to Quickbooks and appear in the CHART OF ACCOUNTS tab.

When you connect QB to Rho, a new account is added to your CHART OF ACCOUNTS tab named RHO [CheckingAcct#], where [CheckingAcct#] is the 10-digit account number associated with the linked Rho account. This is your primary account and is required for automatic account reconciliation. You can rename this account, but integration between your Rho account and Quickbooks will not work if the account is deleted.

What information can I view in the Accounting Tab?

Once you have connected QuickBooks to Rho, use the Accounting Tab in the Rho platform to manage mapping rules, view transactions, and make necessary changes.

The Accounting Tab includes two subsections – “Dashboard” and “Mapping Rules.” Learn more about what you can view in the Dashboard here and about what you see in the Mapping Rules here.

Important Integration Notes

Synching with your Quickbooks account is a manual process. Each time you want to reconcile your Rho Account in QuickBooks, you must click the Sync Quickbooks button.

If you have been uploading .CSV files to sync your Rho account with Quickbooks so far, please give us a call, so we can easily get you set up.