The Banking Tab

Rho Savings Accounts

Customers interested in additional FDIC insurance beyond the $250,000 FDIC covergae in their Rho Checking Account can open a Rho Savings Account to get: 

  • Up to $75 million in FDIC deposit insurance
  • Monthly interest on deposits

Opening a Rho Savings Account

To open a Rho Savings Account, navigate to the Savings tab in your Rho dashboard and click "Request Access" to get in touch with the Rho Client Service team who can assist with setting up the account. 

Transferring money

There is no limit to the number of transfers in to the Savings Account. Transfers out are limited to six (6) per month. 

Funds transferred from your Rho Savings Account will settle in 1-2 business days.

Viewing account details

To view the current balance of your Savings Accounts, as well as any recent pending transactions, click Savings tab.