International Transfers

Sending International Payments Through Rho

International USD Wire Fees at Rho

While Rho does not charge additional fees for international wires sent in USD, such transfers can be subject to fees set by associated banks (recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks) and/or the SWIFT network.
To provide you with greater visibility, Rho shows you the FX fee total upfront when initiating your payment. To access this information, click the > arrow icon next to Total Fees.

You can choose to absorb all fees that are incurred by recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks in addition to any SWIFT network charges (for a flat rate of $15), by deducting them from your bank account. To cover all fees on the transfer, simply click the toggle to “on” (next to “Cover all recipient delivery fees”).
Alternatively you can choose to have your recipient pay these fees by deducting them from the total wire amount. To do so, ensure the toggle next to “Cover all recipient delivery fees” is turned off.

Please note that these fee totals are only an estimate. Rho may not have visibility to additional fees incurred by recipient, intermediary or correspondent banks’ fees while the funds are in transit.

FX Transfer Rate at Rho

Rho offers a market-leading 1% FX rate for foreign currency conversion and transmission (sending USD to another currency).

Tip for sending Wires:

To ensure your wire transactions display your business name, we suggest providing details in the memo/note section to include information "Sent from [Insert Business Name Here]. "

Disclaimer: The amount the vendor will receive could fluctuate based on real-time currency rates.