The Banking Tab

Checking and Treasury Account pages

The Rho application provides current balance and transaction information for every Rho account that you have configured. To access the information log into your Rho account or click the Banking icon from the Rho toolbar, and then select the desired account. (For example, Primary Operating Account).


Aggregate Balance

The Balances section of the page displays the current balance of all of your Rho Accounts, regardless of the selected account. For more information, see Understanding the Banking Dashboard.

Account Overview

The Account Overview section of the page displays the current cash balance, the pending debits, the available balance for the Treasury account, and how the numbers have changed over the last 30 days.

Additionally, you can do the following:

  • Click Make a Payment to open the Send Money page allowing you to send money domestically or internationally. (Unavailable for Treasury Accounts)

  • Click Deposit Funds to open the Add Funds page where you can deposit a check or transfer money from a linked Rho or third-party account.

  • Click Internal Transfer to open the Internal Transfer page allowing you to move money between Rho accounts.

  • Click Settings to change the account details for the page (for example, the Account Name). (Unavailable for Treasury Accounts)

  • Click Export CSV to generate and download a .csv file containing the transaction information for the account.

Recent Activity

The main section of the Account page displays the Recent Activity table listing the most recent transactions for the Rho accounts.

  • To view details for a specific transaction, click the transaction to view the information in the Transaction Details window.

  • To view all activities for the table, click the View all button.