Rho Company FAQs

Business and Industry Eligibility at Rho

Rho offers accounts to business owners worldwide. As a U.S. company, Rho and its affiliates must comply with federal law and regulations. For example, businesses that offer illegal services or products are not eligible to open a Rho account. In addition, certain high risk businesses may also be prohibited, such as the following industries:

Betting, casino gaming chips, etc.

Adult dating and/or escort services

Drug stores, pharmacies, and cannabis

Drugs, proprietaries and sundries

Stamp and coin stores

Quasi-cash, currency, money orders, travelers checks

Pawn shops

Bearer shares

Bail and bond payments

Currency exchange businesses

Nested MSBs/Nested money transmitters

Firework sales

Online dating services

To further reduce risk, fraud and illegal activities, Rho and its partners prohibit additional high-risk locations. For a full list of the prohibited or ineligible geographic locations, click here.