How to Set Users' Monthly Spending Limits

After adding a new team member to your account (here's how), you can also set a monthly spending limit to their profile that will cover all their spending across multiple cards. Account admins can always review and change these limits.

To set a user's monthly spending limit, click on the User Management tab on the left-hand side of the Rho dashboard. Select 'View Profile' to the right of that team member's name and click on the grey 'Edit' button at the top-right of the user details.


Set a users' limit in the "User Spend Limit" field. This limit includes spending across all Rho cards and any banking transactions created by the user (wires, ACHs, checks, etc).

If you are an Account Administrator or Account Owner and you'd like to set your own monthly spending limit, click on your profile at the top right of the Rho dashboard, click 'View Profile,' and follow the steps above.

For added spend controls, you can set up approval requirements for specific transactions. Please see here for instructions.


  • Any Rho user that has a user limit set on their Rho profile, will be unable to raise the user limit of others above their own.
  • Once a limit increase is approved, it remains beyond the current period indefinitely. Limit decreases are manually configured by your organization administrators. 
  • If a user has not accepted their invite, you can adjust their user limit by completing the following steps: Go to User management > Groups > desired user group. Locate the user in question > click on the three dots to the far right > click View Profile, then click Edit at the top and update the User Spending Limit field.