Using Budgets

How to Assign Banking Transactions to a Budget

Users with Account Owner, Administrator, and Bookkeeper user roles can assign banking transactions to a specific budget two different ways.

Assign Budget from Transaction Details

First, log into your Rho dashboard and in the Banking tab, navigate to your desired account and select the relevant transaction.

Clicking on a transaction opens the Transaction Details slide-out window, where you can expand the Rho Attributes section, then click Add Budget. This will prompt a dropdown list of all of your created budgets form which you can select.

You can also click on the specific transaction and assigned a budget to it

Screen Shot 2023-10-16 at 3.47.55 PM.png

Assign Budget from Transactions Table

Alternately, you can edit the budget of a transaction directly from the All Recent Activity transactions table by clicking the budget variable dropdown icon 'v' in the Budget column and assigning the relevant value. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-16 at 3.51.19 PM.png


To learn how to assign card transactions to a budget, see here.

To assign an expense to multiple budgets, you must split the transaction. For more information, see How do I split a transaction between multiple budgets?