Receiving Funds

Transferring Money From a Linked Account To Rho

Using the Rho application, you can move money from a linked external account to any of your Rho checking accounts. You can schedule these transfers to happen immediately or at a later time, as well as schedule the transfers to be recurring transactions. Rho processes these transactions as ACH transfers.

Settlement Time: Linked Account transfers can take 3-5 business days to settle.

For more information about linking an external account, see How can I link a business account to my Rho account?

To transfer funds, click the Banking icon from the Rho toolbar to open the Banking Dashboard. Click to select the desired account on the left side of the page. Click Deposit Funds to view the Add Funds page.


From the Add Funds page, click Use Linked Accounts.



Specify the deposit information, and then click Continue.

  • How much would you like to transfer?
    Enter the amount of money to be transferred from the linked account to your Rho account in US Dollars.

  • Transfer From
    Click the drop-down list to select the linked account that the money is transferred from.

  • Transfer To
    Click the drop-down list to select the Rho account that the check will be deposited into.

  • How often?
    By default the money is scheduled to be transferred only once (One Time Only). To specify a recurring transfer, click the drop-down list and select the desired frequency:
    - One Time Only (default)
    - Every day
    - Every week
    - Every month
    - Every year

  • When should it go through
    By default, the money is scheduled to be transferred immediately (Now). To specify a later date, click Later and then click the calendar field to specify the desired date.

    All immediate transfers are displayed on the Past Transfers page, and all scheduled transfers are displayed on the Scheduled Transfers page.

Note: If you schedule a recurring transfer using the How often? field, the Rho application bases the transfer on the date specified in the When should it go through the field. For example, if you schedule a monthly transfer (Every Month) with a scheduled date of 01/01/2022, then the first recurring transfer will occur on 02/01/2022.


Confirm Transfer Details

A confirmation page displays, click Confirm Transfer if the information is correct.


Note: If you have multiple checking accounts under one Business, you will not be able to directly link a "sub-account" to an external account. All external accounts are linked to the Rho account as a whole (subs included). However, when going to "deposit funds" in your Banking tab using our linked account feature, you can choose which sub-account to send funds to, and from which linked external account the funds will originate.