How To's and FAQs

How to Link an External Checking Account

By linking your Rho account to an external business bank account, you can transfer money between them. Before you begin, please ensure the following:

  1. You are linking a business bank account, not a personal account, to your Rho account.
  2. The entity name on the account you are linking matches the entity name on your Rho account exactly.

To link an account, access the External Bank Accounts tab of the Organization Settings section.

image (25).png

Scroll down to the correct section on the page and click Instant Connect. Then click the Okay button to proceed. 


image (26).png

From the Select Your Institution prompt, click the icon associated with your bank or enter the name of your bank in the Search field and select it.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 17.54.31.png

The Enter your credentials or a Login page for the bank displays. Enter the username and password associated with the external account and click Submit. After you validate the transaction via two-step authentication, when configured, the external account is linked to your Rho account, and is listed in the Linked Accounts section.


Note: Incoming linked account transfers are limited to $150,000 per day. Outgoing transfers by default are limited to $150,000 per day, though larger amounts can be accommodated by speaking to our team. Linked-account transfers can take between 2 to 5 business days to settle.


Note: If you have multiple checking accounts under one Business, you will not be able to directly link a "sub-account" to an external account. All external accounts are linked to the Rho account as a whole (subs included). However, when going to "deposit funds" in your Banking tab using our linked account feature, you can choose which sub-account to send funds to and from which linked external account the funds will originate.