About Rho Cards

Understanding Card Cashback

With your Rho cards, you will earn cashback on all eligible purchases, depending on your terms.

For our Rho card with daily terms, cashback will be posted in one lump sum, typically on the 6th business day of the month, for card spend during the preceding month. For example, cashback you earn in June will typically be credited in one payment in the first week of July. All cashback payments will be credited to your Rho Rewards checking account. Additionally, for accounts on our daily term card program, there is no minimum spend needed to accrue cashback.

Accrued rewards for our extended card programs are automatically deposited into your Rewards Account, typically 6 business days following full repayment of the statement balance.

At this time, the Cashback Rewards Program will limit your eligibility to receive cashback rewards from the following merchants and merchant categories:

1. Walmart Inc., and its affiliates and subsidiaries;
2. Merchants that offer “Utilities” as a product or service and are designated as such based upon Mastercard’s Merchant Category Codes (“Mastercard MCC Codes”);
3. Merchants that offer money transfer services, digital payments and/or quasi-cash and are designated as such based upon MasterCard MCC Codes; and
4. Transactions conducted or authorized in non-U.S. jurisdictions

As part of the Mastercard World Elite Business program, Rho customers also earn cashback at participating merchants through Mastercard Easy Savings. To learn more see our Mastercard Easy Savings help article.