The Banking Tab

Understanding the Banking Dashboard

The Rho Dashboard is displayed when you log in to your Rho account, and whenever you click the Banking icon in the Rho Toolbar. The Banking dashboard summarizes the balance and transaction information for all of your Rho accounts including your Rho Treasury account if you have set one up.


All Accounts overview

At the top of the page is an overview of all of the transactions, approvals, and payments across all of your Rho accounts. Click View All to view expanded details for that category on a new page. For example, click View All beneath Pending Transactions to open the Pending Transactions page.

  • To view the details for a specific transaction, click on the transaction to view the information in the Transaction Details window.

  • To view all activity for the table, click the View all button.

Additionally, you can do the following:

  • Click Make a Payment to open the Send Money page allowing you to send money domestically or internationally.

  • Click Deposit Funds to open the Add Funds page, which allows you to deposit a check or transfer money from a linked account.

  • Click Internal Transfer to open the Internal Transfer page allowing you to move money between Rho accounts. For more information view How to create an internal transfer.

  • View your aggregate balances. The Balances section of the page displays the current balance and how it has changed over the past 30 days.

  • Click Documents to view account statements and additional documents.

Sync Quickbooks or NetSuite

From this page you can also click Sync QuickBooks / NetSuite to update the dashboard with your latest data.




Viewing A Specific Account

You can view details for a specific Rho account by clicking its name on the left side of the page. (For example, click Primary Operating Account to view the balance and transaction information for only the Primary Operating Account.)


Once you are in a specific account, you can look to the right side of your screen and choose from the following actions :


Make a Payment from that account

Send money from this account.


Deposit Funds into that account

For more information view: 

Transferring Money from a Linked Account to Rho

How to Deposit a Check


View Account Details (Including Instructions to Receive Funds & Statements)


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