Does Rho Offer Check Books, Cashier's Checks or Third Party Check Issuance?

At this time Rho does not offer check books, printed checks, or cashier's checks for security and fraud prevention purposes. Additionally, Rho does not support third-party check issuance or printing, (including issuing checks from your Payroll providers (ADP, Gusto, etc). In order to complete Payroll checks for your employees we suggest creating them as Vendors and issuing checks through Rho.

The checks that go out via the Rho platform have some similarities to a cashier's check in a few ways:

  • The funds are pulled out of your account immediately, so there's no chance that the check will bounce.

  • The check is also drawn from an account that is separate from your Rho account, reducing the exposure of your account details.

The only difference between Rho checks and cashier's checks is the clearing time. Our checks are subject to normal clearing schedules vs the same day/next day availability with cashier's check.

Here are instructions to send a physical check to a Vendor from your Rho account.