How Can I Get a "Proof Of Account" Document?

Yes! We can provide a few ways to show that you have an active checking account with Rho:

  1. A voided check - you can download this right from your dashboard. Just go to your Admin Tab, Click on Documents in grey at the top of the page, scroll to the right hand section labeled Documents Download and you can click the 3 dots next to void check template.

  2. Vendors may also accept a current bank statement. Statements are generated on the 5th of every month and can also be found in your dashboard under the Documents section of your Admin Tab. (If you have a new account and do not currently have a statement, please refer to #3).

  3. If the first two options do not suffice, you may request a blank bank statement, or a statement reflecting your account balance to date. You may also request a "proof of account" bank letter that shows your account is open and in good standing with Rho. You can easily request these documents by chatting, emailing or calling a member of the Rho team. Please allow 1 business day for this request to be completed.