How To's and FAQs

Viewing Account Information

From the Organizational Settings page, you can view the account information, such as company and business details and manage your linked bank accounts and payment settings. From the Rho application, click on your Business Name in the upper left corner of your screen and select Organizational Settings



The Administration page consists of the following sections:

  • Company Details
    Lists the contact information and mailing address for your account. To edit this information please contact Rho support.

  • Business Banker
    Lists the contact information for the Rho banker assigned to your account.

  • Credit Agreement
    Lists the Rho credit information for your account. To adjust your credit agreement, please contact Rho Business Banker.

  • Linked Accounts
    Lists the external business and bank accounts that are linked to your Rho account. All external accounts are linked using Plaid. For information about linking an external account to your Rho account, see How can I link a business account to my Rho account?

  • Payment Settings
    Lists the transfer threshold amount, the number of approvers required for transfers that exceed the threshold, and the designated approvers for your company. For information about editing your payment settings, see How can I require approval for specific transactions?

  • Account Controls
    Allow you to close your Rho account. Please contact Rho support before closing the account.

Note: You can click the headings on the side of the page (highlighted in green in the screenshot above) to access that section of the Admin page.