Using Budgets

How to Close or Archive a Budget

Closing a budget

If you need to make a department budget permanently inactive, you must close it.

First, go to your Budgets page and select the one you wish to close.

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 6.24.40 PM.png


Once you open the budget you wish to close click the Action (...) button and select Close Budget. Finally, click Yes, Close Budget on the confirmation window. The budget is deleted from your Rho Account, and can no longer be assigned to transactions.



Note: If you need to temporarily make a department budget inactive, you can click the Action button and select Archive Budget.

Archiving a budget

You can archive a budget through the same process detailed above, but click Archive Budget rather than Close Budget in the dropdown menu. Archived budgets can be reactivated and repurposed for later use. 

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