Getting Started with Rho

Rho's Rewards Marketplace

Save big and scale your business with access to over $600,000+ in partner deals with Rho’s Rewards Marketplace. 

From Carta to Quickbooks, we’ve negotiated deals from top third-party solutions to support your company’s growth.

How To Access Rho’s Rewards Portal

  1. Click HERE to be directed to Rho’s Rewards Marketplace via BuiltFirst
  2. To access the rewards you must first create an account with BuiltFirst using your business email address
  • Please Note: For the security of your account, do not use your Rho password credentials when creating your BuiltFirst login.
  • Verify your new Builtfirst account by clicking the link sent to your email address. You will then be prompted to Create Your Org.
  • Complete your Company Profile and then set up your Buyer Profile. You can also choose to finish this step later.
  • Happy shopping!
  • How to Redeem your Rewards

    1. Once you have created your BuiltFirst account, you may then browse, view, and redeem your Rewards via the Marketplace as a Rho client
    2. Select the reward of choice and click “I reviewed this offer”
    3. You must then complete the offer activation. Depending on the Rewards, you may need to activate the offer via the Partner’s site

    For any questions, please feel free to contact the Rho Partnership’s team at