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Understanding the Expenses Tab

Rho’s expense management tool enables all members of your organization to track spend, get approvals when needed, and review unexpected or out-of-policy spend.

When Expenses are enabled (by an Account Owner or Admin), all Rho card transactions will automatically flow through the Expenses Tab.

The views for Expenses will vary by user group. 

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How to enable Expenses

To enable expenses for your organization, go to the Settings tab. Once you enable this feature, all members of your organization will now see the Expenses tab in the navigation menu.

Company Expenses tab

The Company tab in Expenses shows:

  • Account Owners and Admins all Rho Card spend across the whole organization.

  • Budget Owners all Rho Card spend in their budget(s)

In this tab, you can search for specific transactions, or filter by Users, Status, Budgets, and more to review spend. You can also sync to your accounting software.

Personal Expenses tab

In the Personal Expenses tab, all Rho users can see their own expenses and review the status of each transaction.

Policies tab

The Policies tab is where your company policy documents are stored, and where you can set up spending rules that determine how transactions flow through the expenses experience.

You can also configure separate policies for Expenses and Reimbursements.

Account Owners and Admins can add their expense policy document(s) in the Employee Handbook field below:

Account Owners and Admins can also set up new rules and edit existing rules in this tab.

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By utilizing the Reimbursement widget, users can decide whether their policies apply just to expenses, or reimbursements as well. 

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For more information about Rho’s expense features, please see our Expenses Collection.