Getting Started

Learn how to set up your accounting software integration for automated transaction coding

How Rho Accounting Integrations Support Credit Underwriting

To apply for credit with the Rho Card, our credit application process requires submission of your most recent monthly financials including your last 12 months of monthly P&L & balance sheets.

To provide secure and controlled access to the required financials, you can easily connect Rho with your accounting platform.

Credit results, faster.

Save time creating, downloading, and sending statements. By granting Rho permission to securely pull the required financial information, we can underwrite your business and give a credit decision faster.

A higher limit.

The accounting connection provides better visibility and reliability which allows us to offer a higher credit limit from the start and facilitate ongoing credit accommodation thereafter.

Read-only access.

When you connect your accounting, Rho is granted read-only access to your financials. we cannot edit, alter or change your books. For increased control, you can also configure and restrict the exact level of detail that Rho has visibility into.

Precise permissions.

By connecting your books, you can securely share the predefined data directly with the underwriting team at Rho, giving you precise control over who has access to your financials.

Ongoing efficiency.

Once you are a Rho customer, having your books connected empowers our underwriting team to continually manage your credit lines. This one-time setup allows us to remain in lockstep with your business—in real-time—and it helps get you the most credit possible while eliminating the need for manual submission of interim financial statements.



How do you connect to my books?

We are diligent about data safety, which is why we’re leveraging Codat to ensure the most secure and streamlined credit application process for our customers. Codat enables Rho customers to safely connect their accounting system and e-commerce platform (optional), in order for our credit team to underwrite their business and manage credit lines.

Is my data secure?

All data is held to the very highest level of bank-grade security. We will only use your information as required to underwrite and manage your credit line.

  • End-to-end encryption: Data is encrypted in transit using SSL and at rest using AES-256 managed by Microsoft Azure.

  • Authorization: Data can only ever be viewed by authorized individuals. You can control the level of detail that individuals have visibility into and can revoke access at any time.

  • Certifications: Codat passes all requisite penetration tests and is GDPR, ISO27001, and SOC 2 compliant.

Which accounting platforms does Rho support?

Our connection supports most accounting systems, however, if yours is not supported, please let us know.

  • NetSuite

  • QuickBooks Desktop

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Xero

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central