How To's and FAQs

How to View your Running Checking Account Balance

You can view your Rho checking account balance as of a specific date. Our CSV exports include a "Balance" column, so you can download a list of your settled transactions and view your account balance as of that specific credit/debit.

First start by downloading a CSV of transactions that:

  1. Only pertain to one of your Rho checking accounts at a time (i.e. you can only see running balances for one checking account).

    • To do this, click into your Banking Tab from the Rho Toolbar and select the desired checking account by highlighting it green on the left side of your screen. Then simply click View All on the right side of your screen next to Recent Transactions.

    • (Tip, if you skip highlighting/selecting a specific account and only click View All on the main banking page, this will include all of your accounts and your balance column will be blank).

  2. Once on this account's View All page, make sure to filter by transactions that only have a SETTLED status. (including pending/unsettled transactions will not work).

  3. Select the desired time frame (dates of transactions) on the top left corner of that screen.

    • Do not use any other filters! If you choose to filter by a user, a budget, a free search, or include pending transactions, your balance column will be blank.

  4. Click the Export CSV button on the right-hand side, and you will receive a spreadsheet download.

See the full work-view video below.