Using Rho Cards

How to Pay your Rho Card from an External Bank Account

Repaying your Rho Card balance is now more convenient with the ability to set up automatic repayments and make one-time repayments from your linked third-party account.

One-time repayments:

  • If you haven't already, link your external bank account to your Rho account in Organization Settings. For detailed instructions, see How can I link a business account to my Rho account?
  • Navigate to the Cards section.
  • Click Pay Credit Balance.
  • Select the desired account to complete a one-time repayment.

Please note that card repayments abide by ACH cut-off times. Repayments initiated prior to 2:00 pm ET should begin processing the same day. Any repayments initiated after 2:00 pm ET would be subject to next-day processing. Card repayments can take up to 4 business days to settle.

Automatic Repayments:

You can also set up Automatic Repayments by navigating to Organization Settings > Payment Security > Automatic Payments. Choose your desired parameters and select the funding account. 

When finished, click Save to finalize changes. 

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