Getting Started

Learn how sync your accounting software and create mapping rules

How to Sync Rho Transactions with your Accounting Software

After you’ve set up your Rho integration with your accounting software (Quickbooks Online, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, or Sage Intacct), AND you’ve created Mapping Rules, you’ll be ready to sync transactions with the instructions below.

Please note: Each time a new Vendor is created in NetSuite, you must Click on the "Refresh NetSuite Attributes" button to ensure your vendor's sync is up to date.

To sync a single transaction

  1. Click the Banking or Cards tab to identify the transaction you want to sync
  2. Click the desired Settled transaction to open the Transaction Details Window on the right
  3. Scroll down and click Sync to the right of Status under the section titled with your accounting software

To sync multiple transactions 

  1. Click on the Accounting tab
  2. Under Accounting, select between Banking Transactions or Card Transactions 
  3. Check off the boxes to the left of each transaction you want to sync 
  4. Click Sync Selected to the right to complete sync

To sync all transactions 

  1. Click on the Accounting tab
  2. Click Sync (Note: Ensure no transactions are selected)
  3. Choose what selected period you’d like to begin your sync
  4. Click Start Sync