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How to Create Rules for Expenses

When you have Expenses enabled, you can set up custom rules that will apply to any and all Rho Card transactions, reimbursements, and credits. 

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How to create rules

To create a rule, navigate to the Expenses tab in your Rho dashboard, then scroll to the Rules section and click the + Add Rule button. 

Here's what each field means:

  • Rule Name
    • The name and description will be visible to your organization in the Policies tab
  • Expense Type
    • This is the type of expense the rule will apply to. You can apply to Rho Card, Reimbursement, and Credit expenses.
  • Conditions
    • You set conditions that will enable the rule, by amount, user, merchant, and more
    • Examples: Amount is greater than $25; Merchant Name equals Home Depot
  • Set requirements
    • If a transaction meets the above conditions, the cardholder will be required to provide these pieces of information
  • Penalties 
    • Mark an expense as Out of Policy if it meets the conditions
  • Exceptions 
    • Exclude specific users and cards from the rule

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How rules impact the expense flow

When a rule is enabled, it will apply to all relevant transactions. Please note, these are post-spend controls, meaning Expense rules will not cause Rho Cards to get declined.

For more information about Rho Card settings & spend controls, see here.

For examples of expense rules, please see here.