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How to Create Rules for Expenses

By setting up rules in Rho, you can define how transactions flow through the expenses experience.

With Rho’s customizable rules, Account Owner and Administrators can:

  • Name the rule and add a description for all Rho users to see (Note: Employees and Budget Owners will only be able to see the rule name and description)

  • Set conditions for the rule to apply to certain transactions or to set limits on certain types of spend

  • Define separate policies that apply only to expenses or to reimbursements
  • Require additional data for transactions that match those conditions

  • Mark transactions that match the transactions but are missing as “Out-of-Policy”

  • Add exceptions to the rule by Users or Cards

To create a rule, navigate to the Expenses tab in your Rho dashboard, then scroll to the Rules section and click the + Add Rule button. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 12.54.06 PM.png

In the following pop-up window, set the details of your desired rule.

Title: Employees will only see the rule name and description in the policy tab

Conditions: Set policy-level conditions that this rule will apply to. Conditions may vary depending on whether this is an expense or reimbursement policy. 

Requirements: If the transaction matches the conditions set above, you can require these additional pieces of information

Penalties: If a condition is missing required information, you can set it "out of policy" automatically

Exceptions: You can exclude certain users or cards from this rule.

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 12.46.16 PM.png

How rules impact the expense flow

With rules, you can require users to add additional information to specific types of transactions on their Rho Cards.

Once you set up rules and enable them, the rules will apply to all Rho Card transactions. Please note, these are post-spend controls, meaning Expense rules will not cause Rho Cards to get declined.

For more information about Rho Card settings & spend controls, see here.

For examples of expense rules, please see here.