Using Rho Cards

How Do I Redeem My Cash Rewards?

If you are an Account Owner or an Administrator, navigate to the Banking tab, then click into the Rewards Account. Click the Redeem Rewards button.

Any custom roles that can view the Banking tab and have permission Redeem Rewards enabled can also redeem rewards.

From there you can transfer a specified dollar amount, or the full reward balance, from your Rewards Account into your Primary Checking Account.

Accrued rewards for our extended card programs are automatically deposited into your Rewards Account, typically 6 business days following full repayment of the statement balance.

Rewards transfers settle within 24 hours.

Please note, any charges made outside of the United States will not receive cashback. For more information about our cashback program please click here.

Please also note that only users with an Account Owner or an Administrator role will have permission to perform this task. If you are a Budget Owner, Employee, Bookkeeper, or Investor, you will not be able to redeem rewards.