General Info and FAQs

How To Set Up Vendor Payment Notifications

The Rho platform now includes a Vendor Payment Notification feature that automatically informs vendors about pending payments. This guide walks through the functionality and setup for this feature.

What is included in the Vendor Payment Notifications?

Vendors receive automated emails containing the following information:

  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA): The expected delivery time of the payment.
  • Payment Amount: The scheduled payment sum.
  • Method and Memo: How the payment is being processed along with any relevant notes.
  • Attachments: Links to any related documents for the vendor's reference. (please note that attachments will expire after 7 days for security purposes) 
  • Invoice Details: For AP bill payments, specific details such as invoice numbers and terms are included.

See example below: 

How to setup the Vendor Notifications

To activate, select the option on the vendor profile to enable vendor notifications. Enter the vendor’s email address where notifications should be sent. A preview option allows you to see a sample notification that vendors will receive. Vendors will be sent an onboarding email informing them that they will be receiving payment notifications 


How can I see status/manage vendor notification preferences:

The vendor's profile shows whether notifications are enabled or if a Vendor unsubscribed from notifications. Vendors can opt out from receiving notifications through a link in the notification itself. If a vendor unsubscribes from payment notifications in error, please reach out to Rho client service. 


When are notifications sent?

Notifications are sent only after a transaction is pending (note: for check payments, Rho will send an additional email once the check is deposited).


Can I customize the vendor emails? 

Within the organization settings, you can specify a contact person and custom message for the email footer. Contact person’s phone, email & name on record with Rho will appear in the footer of all vendor notifications.