Getting Started with Rho

How to Enable SMS Notifications for Suspicious Transactions

Rho is committed to the security of your account and has recently introduced an optional fraud protection feature: SMS notifications for suspicious transactions. This service is designed to alert you immediately when a potentially fraudulent transaction is detected, allowing you to confirm or deny the transaction promptly. Below are the steps to enable this feature.


Step-by-Step Guide to Opt-In for SMS Fraud Alerts

1.  Log in to your Rho account and navigate to the Settings menu.
2. Within Settings, locate and select the Notifications page.
3. Look for the option related to SMS notifications for suspicious transactions and choose to opt-in.
4. Ensure that the phone number on file is a cell phone number, as this service requires the ability to receive SMS messages.


What Happens When a Suspicious Transaction is Detected?

  • You will receive an automated SMS notification if a suspicious transaction is identified.
  • The transaction will be automatically declined, and the SMS will prompt you to confirm whether you recognize the transaction.
  • Reply YES if you recognize the transaction, and the block will be lifted, allowing you to re-attempt the purchase.
  • If you reply NO, indicating that you do not recognize the transaction, your card will be automatically canceled to prevent further fraudulent activity.


Tips and Warnings

  • Regularly update your cell phone number in your account settings to ensure you receive timely alerts.
  • Be aware that replying NO will result in the immediate cancellation of your card, so confirm the transaction carefully.
  • This feature is optional but highly recommended for enhanced security.