How to Use Mileage Reimbursements

How to enable mileage reimbursements 

Rho Admins can log into Rho and navigate to the Expenses tab > Settings. After ensuring that Enable Reimbursements is toggled on, turn on the toggle for Mileage Reimbursements.


Once Mileage Reimbursements have been turned on, you can enter a rate per mile for reimbursement. Rho will pre-populate the current year’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rate of $0.67/mile, but you can adjust it to match your company policy. 

Submit a mileage reimbursement

To submit a reimbursement in the Rho app, navigate to the Expenses tab > Reimbursements. Click the + to create a new request. 

To submit a reimbursement on your desktop, navigate to Expenses > Personal Expenses > Reimbursements, then click on the + Reimburse button. 

In the pop-up window, choose Mileage as the reimbursement type, then click Continue.


In the form, fill out the expense details. 


Location Points

You can use location points to easily calculate mileage by simply inputting your starting place and end location. The form will automatically calculate mileage and your final reimbursement amount based on the mileage payout rate set by your administrator.


Manual Entry

If you already know the mileage for your trip, you can input it directly.

Note: Your mileage reimbursement will be calculated using the rate your business set when the expense occurred.

Click Submit when finished. 

You'll then see your reimbursement request in your Personal Expenses table in Rho. 

Note: Check to make sure your reimbursement has the status Needs approval, which means it has been successfully submitted for approval.  If your business has enabled additional requirements to reimbursements, you may be asked to add extra documentation or information, which will be indicated by an Incomplete status in the table. In this event, expand the details on your reimbursement by clicking on it and fill in the missing information needed.


How the reimbursement will appear

Similar to out-of-pocket reimbursement requests, employees will be paid directly to their bank accounts. If they haven't set up an account to receive reimbursements, they'll be prompted to do so when they submit their first request


How to Ensure Mileage Reimbursements Sync Successfully to Your ERP via Rho

When using Rho to sync mileage reimbursements to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, it is essential to have proper mapping rules set up to ensure transactions sync successfully. Here's how to set up an Accounts Payable (AP) Chart of Accounts for mileage reimbursements in Rho:

  1. Connect Your Accounting Software to Rho
    • Before setting up mapping rules, ensure your accounting software is connected to Rho.
  2. Navigate to Mapping Rules
    • Go to Integrations > Mapping Rules in your Rho account.
  3. Select the Appropriate Entity
    • Choose the entity or subsidiary for which you want to set up the mapping rule.
  4. Access Settings for Mapping
    • Click on Settings within the Mapping Rules section.
  5. Set Up the AP Chart of Accounts
    • Scroll down to Other Accounts and find Rho Accounts Payable.
    • Select the account from your accounting software that represents your AP account for mileage reimbursements.
  6. Save Your Changes
    • Ensure all changes are saved automatically or click Save Changes if required.

Note: If mileage reimbursements are categorized differently in your accounting software, you may need to create a specific AP account for these transactions or map them to an existing expense account that handles reimbursements.

By following these steps, you can set up an AP Chart of Accounts for mileage reimbursements, allowing for successful synchronization of these transactions from Rho to your ERP system.


Note: You must select an address from the drop down menu that appears as you enter the address. This ensures Rho can accurately measure the distance between destinations