Using and Managing Vendors at Rho

How to Collect W-9s with Rho

Rho’s Vendor management solution now allows you to collect & store Vendor’s W-9 forms on the Rho Vendor profile. In Q1 of 2024 Rho will also offer filing 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC forms leveraging W-9 information to speed up 2023 tax year filing! 

How to collect Vendor’s W-9 forms 

You first need to have an active vendor profile. Then select the Vendors profile > navigate to “Tax Files” > Select “New W-9 Form” 

If you already have a W-9 form on file for this vendor and simply wish to relate it to their profile, select “Upload & Verify”. If you do not have the W-9 on file for this vendor select “Send form to Vendor,” and see article section “How to collect W-9 from Vendor” 


After selecting “Upload & Verify,” upload the W-9 form file to the “Select File” section. Note: file must be a PDF and max file size is 15mb. Read & select the attestation to upload the W-9 form. 

Once the W-9 form has been uploaded, please verify all fields parsed from the W-9 form, read and attest. 

The vendor profile will be updated with a status that the W-9 form is “On file”. 

How to collect W-9 Form from Vendor

After selecting “Send form to Vendor” you will be prompted to confirm or enter their email address, read, attest & confirm before sending the request

The vendor profile will show a status that the W-9 form is “Pending from Vendor.” Once received the status will change to “On file” 

The vendor will receive the following email. The portal will be live for 10 days for the Vendor to upload their W-9 form, review and attest to the information’s accuracy & complete submission. 

Requests that are not completed will expire & can be resent by the Rho user. 

How to export information 

You will be able to export this information collected via the Vendor CSV export in Q1 2024.