Using QuickBooks with Rho

How to Connect Rho to your QuickBooks Bank Feed

You can link your Rho account to your QuickBooks Online instance via the QuickBooks Bank Feed. 

The following data will be sent from Rho to QuickBooks for both banking and card transactions. 


Name Example Value Description
id “8fe55f65-b5f0-42bb-b049-02aca4ba12f0” ID that refers to a particular transaction at Rho
date “2023-07-01” Date that corresponds to what the Rho customer sees on his/her bank statement
description “Google, INV AY2304832 HWV230928-2388” Corresponds to the sender or recipient in a transaction, appended with the memo/reference that appears within a Rho bank statement
amount_cents 11115 Amount of the transaction in cents, e.g. 11115 for $111.15
type “credit” Money flow direction as the transaction appears in Rho’s banking statements
status “posted” “Posted” refers to “settled” within Rho


How to generate a token

In your Rho dashboard, navigate to User Settings, by clicking on your name in the top right corner.


In the User Settings page, scroll down to the Access Tokens section and click Generate New Token


In the integration dropdown, select Quickbooks and then click Generate

In the following pop-up window, you’ll see your new token. Copy the token to use in Quickbooks.


Note: Tokens are associated with a particular user. Once token is generated, copy and store in safe place; cannot be re-accessed

Connecting in QBO

As an Admin, navigate to Bookkeeping > Transactions > Bank Transactions, then click Link Account.

To watch a walk through of how to connect your bank account, click here


First, search “Rho” in the first window. (Note: you will need to scroll down a bit)

Select Rho and then add the token you generated above. 

After successful connection you will be required to select from which Rho checking account you would like bank transaction information to originate from.
Then select an existing or create a new account in QBO where the transactions will post. 

Choose the date start range you would like transactions to come in from. 

You will now see your transactions from Rho ready for you to Confirm & Review


How to revoke a token

You can revoke a token by navigating to the User Settings page > Access Tokens and clicking the three dots next to your active token, then select Revoke

Revoking a token will stop the flow of transactions into Quickbooks Online.