About Rho Cards

Employee Card FAQs

  • After you order a physical Rho Card, you'll get an email when the card is on its way.

    For security purposes, the card will ship as inactive. Once the card arrives, the package will include a QR Code. Scan the QR code with your mobile device, enter your card details (as printed on the actual card) and this will activate your card.

  • If you've misplaced your Rho Card, you can temporarily lock or freeze your Rho Card from the My Cards page. Click on the card you want to lock, then click the Actions button. Select Lock Card, and then follow the instructions. 

    If you're worried your Rho Card is permanently lost or has been stolen, cancel the card immediately. From the My Cards page, click on the card you want to cancel, then click the Actions button. Select Cancel Card, and then follow the instructions.
    If you're concerned your card has been stolen or used fraudulently, email clientservice@rho.co as soon as possible or call us at 1 (855) 7-GETRHO.

    If you require a replacement Rho Card, Rho recommends creating a new card after you have canceled the existing one. For more information about creating a new Rho Card, see Create a new Rho Card.

  • By default, Rho Cards cannot be used internationally, so to enable international spend, navigate to the Advanced Controls section of your Card Settings and toggle on the International Spend function.

    Without this, cards will only be approved for domestic transactions. 

    Note, there are no foreign transaction fees on Rho Cards, but international transactions are not eligible for cashback.

  • You may create an unlimited number of virtual and physical Rho cards. To create a card, see Create a new Rho Card.

  • No, Rho cards cannot be used to withdraw cash from a bank ATM. Cash advances or cash transfers are not supported on Rho corporate cards. Additionally, you cannot use Rho cards for push-to-debit transactions.

  • Yes. By default, the name associated with the Rho Card is the first and last name of the user who was assigned the card. To change the cardholder name, navigate to Cards > My Cards, then select your desired card, and edit the nickname field on the Card Settings page.

    • Ask the merchant to run the card as credit, not debit.
    • When asked for a PIN on the keypad, do not enter one, press "continue" or "enter" (usually the yellow or green key), and the charge should go through.

      No. If you are paying at a merchant and they are telling you that they need a PIN to complete your charge, or if your card is denied at the point of sale due to not having a PIN, you can:

  • Credit cards use codes embedded inside the chip, stripe, or CVV code rather than PINs, to verify the transaction.

    Note: If asked for a PIN multiple times, the point-of-sale (POS) will say “Enter PIN”; however, many will say "Press ENTER to continue” or “Bypass PIN” or have a green button to proceed. Any of these alternate actions to enter a PIN should complete your transaction.

    If the issue persists after attempting all of the above steps, please reach out to Client Service.

  • Certain merchant categories may be restricted or prohibited for legal and/or fraud prevention purposes. The following merchant categories contain restrictions or prohibitions:

    • Betting, casino gaming chips, etc.
    •  Adult dating and/or escort services
    •  Cannabis/paraphernalia
    •  Stamp and coin stores
    •  Quasi-cash, currency, money orders, travelers' checks
    •  Pawnshops
    •  Jewelry, precious stones, precious metals, Diamonds, etc
    •  Bail and bond payments

    Additionally, restricted Merchant Locations (charges made by merchants located in our restricted territories/countries) will be blocked.

  • Yes, Rho Cards are secure. Rho Cards use the Mastercard payment network, which provides world-class security and safety for your cardholders.

  • No, Rho Cards do not require a personal guarantee. Rho will not conduct a hard or soft check on your credit score when you apply for credit with Rho.

  • No, you cannot use Rho cards for push-to-debit transactions, in which funds are transferred immediately to a consumer's bank account through their debit card. Additionally, you cannot use your Rho Card to withdraw cash from a bank ATM. Rho does not support cash advances or cash transfers using your Rho Card.

  • Yes. Using the Rho application, you can instantly create a virtual Rho Card that can be used immediately after it is created. Note, this will not be a virtual version of your physical card, but rather a separate, new card.

    For more information about creating a virtual card, see Create a new Rho Card.

  • If you suspect fraud or misuse of your Rho Card, cancel your card immediately.

    If you’re unable to access your Rho account to cancel your card, please contact Rho Client Service for assistance via email at clientservice@rho.co or phone +1 (855) 743-8746.

    For live support, our team is available Monday through Friday from 8am ET to 8pm ET.

  • Once you have reported the transaction, our team will begin our investigation, which may take up to 90 days. Rho clients are protected against unauthorized transactions and are not liable for unauthorized use of Rho Cards once Rho is notified. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

    Please note: The dispute process for fraud triggers an automatic cancellation of the affected Rho Card.

  • Rho and its banking partners take steps to detect and prevent fraud as part of our internal fraud and compliance policies and procedures. There are instances where the Client Service team may reach out to you to confirm certain transactions. Rho does not offer fraud prevention as a service and is unable to guarantee full fraud protection in connection with your account.

    Rho clients are protected against unauthorized transactions and are not liable for unauthorized use of Rho Cards once Rho is notified. Please see Rho’s Terms of Service for more information.

  • When Rho customers export a CSV file of Company Expenses from their Expenses tab, the file may not match your total spend amount for the given statement period for two reasons:

    • The CSV from your Expenses tab may include incomplete or pending charges
    • This CSV will not include any merchant refunds/adjustments you receive during the statement period (eg credits/rewards applied to your Rho balance from MasterCard)
  • To activate an inactive Rho card, log in to your Rho account and reach out to your client service team via our live chat.

    A member of our team will then verify your identity before reactivating a card. You can also email clientservice@rho.co