About AP at Rho

AP at Rho Overview


Rho’s all-in-one financial platform allows you to easily configure payable workflows - managing invoices, bills, vendors, approvals, payments, optimize cash and automate compliance directly from Rho. We help you save time, money and in one click, run your financial operations centrally from anywhere. 

Get Started

Read through our guides to understand how Rho leverages technology to eliminate manual data entry and expedite your month end reconciliation. 


Get started by enabling seamless syncing with your accounting software system. With our AP solution, you can also configure custom approval settings to ensure a secure and streamlined approval process.


Confidently manage all your vendors in the Rho dashboard with these walk-through guides, which will show you how to add, edit, and delete vendors, as well as track all your vendor details in one place. 

Bill Lifecycle

With Rho’s market-leading two-way integration, there’s no duplicate work for your AP team. Follow our guides to understand how to easily move your bills through the billing and payment process. 


There are multiple ways to pay with Rho. Read below to learn about our easy payments methods and when you can expect your payments to settle.