Using and Managing Vendors at Rho

How to Bulk Upload Vendors

Along with adding individual vendors into Rho, clients can opt to upload multiple vendors in bulk. This functionality is performed by the Rho Client Service team on your behalf. 

What is supported: 

  • Adding vendors for domestic payments 
  • Only adding one payment method for 1 vendor at a time, 
    • If you wish to add more payment methods you can do so after the bulk upload with the 1st payment method by selecting “Add account” on the vendor profile. 

To take advantage of this service, please reach out to your success associate for the upload CSV template, which you'll need to fill out. 

  • Please carefully follow our instructions for each column header 
  • Columns with (*) are required for all vendors, we have different requirements for columns based on 1) if the vendor is an individual or a business or 2) what payment method you will be paying this vendor 

Fill out the formatted CSV with your desired vendors then email the completed form to your Rho support team. You can expect to see your submitted vendors appear in your Rho dashboard under Vendors > Active within the next 1-2 business days. 

Any errors or issues with the CSV data may result in a processing delay. In this event, the Client Service team will reach out to you to resolve the issue.