Using AP

Paying Bills With Vendor Cards (Single Use)

AP Payments can be made via the following methods: ACH, wire transfers (domestic and international), checks, or paid by single use cards.

Single-Use cards allow for faster vendor payments and more security, as they feature a single authorization, restricted payment amounts, and allow you to specify the time window for the vendor payment. 

You can view all Vendor Cards in your Cards Tab under Vendor Cards.

What does it mean to send a Single-Use card payment?

When “Single-Use Card” is selected as a payment method, the card will be created and the email sent with card details based on the “Created/Due” date indicated in the payment line item. The card will be nicknamed <Payee> AP Card: <Invoice Number> 

Single-Use cards may be charged one time and will be pre-set with the payment amount and a 14-day card usage window. You can edit the 14-day card usage window in Card Settings. Once the card is successfully charged, it will become invalid. 

You can send single-use card details securely to your vendors. The secure link to the card details expires in 72 hours.

What will the card details look like to the vendor?

Vendors will see the payment creator, organization sender, and invoice number, as well as the card details needed to approve payment. 

Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 5.02.55 PM.png

What happens to used cards in the Rho dashboard?

Once a single-use card has been used, it can still be viewed in the Team Cards section of the dashboard. Its status will be changed from Active to Canceled, but the card details are still viewable.