Using AP

How Rho Syncs AP Data in Your Accounting System

Rho has the ability to both pull Bills from your accounting software system and queue them up for payment. We can also sync corresponding Bills and Bill Payments into your accounting software, to accurately lay out the liability. 

Retrieving Bills from Accounting Software

Rho pulls in Bills from your accounting system and queues them up as Payment Drafts, for a seamless AP experience. We use and check the following parameters when identifying which records to bring into the platform:

Bills which are approved and have a status of Open

  • If you have an approval process in your accounting system, we will only pull in bills marked with an Open status

Bills for Vendors who have a matched mapping in Rho

  • We check for a Rho Vendor to accounting software vendor mapping.
  • Ex: If Vendor `Bob’s Burgers` is present and mapped in Rho, we will pull all approved, open bills for Bob’s Burgers into Rho

Finally, we use the specified starting date defined when you first click the Sync Bills from Accounting Software button

Syncing into the Accounting Software

We sync the following into your accounting software:

  • Bills that have been created via the AP inbox, or manually uploaded, and have been sent for Payment
  • Bill Payments which have been scheduled