Using AP

How Rho Syncs AP Data in Your Accounting System

When integrated with accounting direct integrations, there are a variety of workflows in AP that are enabled.

Current integrations supported: 

  • Quickbooks Online
  • Netsuite
  • Sage Intacct
  • Microsoft Dynamics (Beta). Please reach out to the Rho Client Service team for more information.

For guides on how to integrate with each of these accounting softwares, see here.

Rho AP handles two objects, Bills and Bill Payments. 

For Bill Records, Rho can either push bill records to OR pull bill records from your accounting platform. 

For Bill Payment Records, Rho pushes these to your accounting platform & automatically updates the status of the corresponding Bill record (regardless of whether it was Pushed or Pulled to Rho).

Bill Records: Rho > Accounting Platform

For those looking for a solution to automate processing bills, Rho offers multiple ways to create bills in Rho 1) email inbox with your dedicated 2) directly uploading the file to the platform. Regardless of creation method, our OCR will parse the following key details from invoice files: 

  1. Vendor (and payment details) 
  2. Invoice Number
  3. Amount 
  4. Due Date
  5. Invoice Date
  6. Payment Terms 

Once created in Rho, key data points will need to be confirmed by a user before the bill is “Sent to Payments.” Any Accounting attributes assigned or automatically applied via mapping rules will also be passed on the Bill record. 

  • A bill can also be split either manually or automatically (turn on automatic line level splitting in Accounts Payable > Settings > Automated Bill Splitting). These split lines will be represented on the bill record in the accounting platform. 

When the bill is sent to payments, the Bill record with all Bill details will automatically be synced into the accounting platform as an “Open” or unpaid bill. 

  • Users can re-sync the bill to update Accounting attributes all the way up until the related bill payment is in a settled state. (note: key data points like amount, vendor, due date, invoice # are not mutable after the first sync. Please either edit the details directly in the accounting platform or Void the bill & recreate if you have errors here.)

Bill Records: Accounting Platform > Rho

For those looking for a solution to leverage Rho for payments at scale & already create bills in their Accounting platform, 

To enable Bill Record sync from Accounting Platform > Rho

  1. Ensure Vendors wishing to pay are created in Rho & mapped to Vendor record in Accounting (help articles) 
  2. Enable Accounts Payable from Accounting (Accounts Payable> Settings > Accounts Payable from <Accounting> 
  3. Select a start date (note this will pull bills with an Invoice date from this day forward 
  4. Open Bills that are within date range that have mapped vendors will automatically be synced every 24hrs at ~12AM EST. Bills can be manually pulled by hitting the “Sync Bills” button at the top of the Accounts Payable tables 
  5. Payment drafts ready for review & payment will show in Accounts Payable > Payments > Drafts 

Once a Bill Record has been synced and created in Rho as a payment draft, all payment details will be pre-populated and payments can be sent for approval (if applicable) or scheduled. 

For these Bill Records: Bill details are ready only and not editable from Rho (but can be edited from your accounting platform). 

Bill Payment Records: Rho > Accounting Platform 

Once a payment has been scheduled & paid (ie: the payment has settled) all bill payments will 1) automatically inherit attributes from the related Bill record 2) appear as ready to be synced in Accounting> Dashboard > Accounts Payable. Learn more about the accounting dashboard here.

Once bill payments are successfully synced to the accounting platform, the related Bill record’s status will automatically be updated to Paid.