Using and Managing Vendors at Rho

How to Manage Vendors in Rho


How to create Vendors in Rho 

An active Vendor profile is required in Rho to make payments in both our Banking and AP module.

There are a few ways that Rho supports getting your vendors information & payment methods configured and ready for payment.

The first way is to manually create a Vendor. Navigate to Vendors > “+ Add Vendor”. 

  • Note: users must have “Manage Vendors” permission to create & edit vendors 

Follow the prompts to add relevant information about the vendor. You can always save progress as a “Draft” vendor if you need to return to it later.

Mapping Vendor 

If your Rho account is integrated with one of our accounting integrations, you will have the option to create a mapping rule for this new vendor. You can decide either: 

  1. Create a new Vendor in your ERP
    1. When you activate this vendor profile, a new Vendor record with the “Legal Name” indicated prior will be created in your ERP 
  2. Map to an existing Vendor record 
    1. Will show you the vendor attributes we have read from your ERP. If you are missing a value please head to Accounting > Dashboard > “Refresh”


Mapped vendors will automatically associate transactions to this record in your ERP. 


Invite Vendor

You always have the option to request a vendor create their own profile by entering “+ Add Vendor”, adding the profile name & inviting the vendor to complete their profile. Learn more about this here


Create Vendors from AP 

If you are leveraging Rho AP, when we read invoice information & we do not recognize the vendor information on the invoice, we will create a “Draft Vendor” in Vendors> Drafts. You can then complete this profile or invite the vendor to complete their profile. 


Bulk Upload Vendors

Should you have many vendors & payment information on file that you wish to bring to Rho, we are happy to assist you in bulk uploading these details for you, see more details here.

Once you have an active Vendor, you are able to add relevant Tax documents like W-9 forms to their profile, create mapping rules for automation of reconciliation of payments to this vendor and review transaction history on the vendor’s profile.