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Getting Started with Rho

Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Rho! Below find a quick guide to help you begin your journey. While all these steps are essential functions within Rho, their order is recommended--not mandatory. If you have questions, we are always here to help at

1. Meet your Rho Dashboard

Welcome to Rho! Rho is your hub for all things finance, so we've made it super intuitive and ensured your cards, banking, bill pay, and more are just a click away. For help in navigating your Rho account, we've outlined the top 4 things you need to know.

Main Navigation Bar

All pages relating to your organization can be accessed via the main navigation on the left-hand side of your screen. From Banking to Integrations, you can quickly toggle between pages via the side navigation bar.


Your Organization(s)

To edit your organization's settings, switch organizations, or log out of your account, simply click on your organization's name at the top of the Main Navigation Bar and a dropdown will appear.



User Profile

Your user profile and user settings can be accessed via the top right corner of your screen. Via User Settings you can change your password, set up two-factor authentication, add a photo and view your organizations.




To contact Rho simply click the chat icon at the top right corner of your screen next to your User Icon and a dropdown will appear. Here you can:

  • View our phone number +1 855-743-8746

  • Find our email

  • Live chat us

  • Access our Help Articles

  • Leave product feedback

You can also click on the large live chat icon on the bottom right hand of your screen to quickly speak with a Rho representative.


2. Create Your First Rho Card

You can create a new Rho Card with a few simple steps. First, navigate to the Cards Tab in the Rho dashboard and click the black and green + Create Card button in the top right-hand corner of the My Cards or Team Cards tabs.

Select either a physical or virtual card option (we recommend starting with virtual so you can begin spending immediately!) and proceed to fill out desired card settings. Note that controls differ slightly between digital and physical cards. 

Keep in mind that physical cards and virtual cards do not share numbers, CVV codes, or expiration dates. Each created card is its own unique card, therefore two cards, one virtual, and one physical cannot have the same number or be used as the same card.





You can also bulk create cards using a CSV file. For instructions on how to do this, please read on here

Additional Resources:

Create a New Rho Card

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Understanding the Rho Cards Overview Page


3. Fund Your Rho Account

There are various ways to add funds to your Rho account. 

You can find detailed instructions for receiving money to your Rho account (via ACH, Domestic Wire or International Wire) by navigating to Banking Tab > desired Account > Documents. 

    • Domestic Wire Instructions (Domestic Wire payments will reach your account within the same day if sent before 3:00PM ET in most cases. Settlement times can vary based on the policies of the sending bank.)

    • International Wire Instructions (International wires should arrive between 1-5 business days. Please let your business banker know if you are expecting to receive international wires.)

    • ACH Transfer Instructions payments. (Standard ACH payments take between 1-3 business days to settle. An ACH pull can take 2-3 business days, a push can be 1-3 business days. Here is more information on ACH push vs pull transactions.)

    • Void Check Template (for proof of account)

Alternately, you can also select "Deposit Funds" from your Banking Tab in a selected account. From there you can:

    • Deposit a check

    • Please note, check deposits take 6-7 business days to clear. Check deposits in excess of $15,000.00 in one business day may be subject to additional screening and delays in settlement.

    • Link an external bank account: Linked Account transfers can take 3-5 business days to settle. For the fastest way to fund your account, a domestic wire is recommended.

Additional Resources:

How to Fund Your Account

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Transferring Money from a Linked Account


4. Add Your Team Members

Inviting your teammates is easy and simple! To add a new user, navigate to User Management > Users in your Rho dashboard. In the Users tab, click the Invite User button in the top right corner of the dashboard. 

The drop down will prompt you to either Add User or Import Users

To Add User, fill in details for in the pop-up form and save and submit your changes by clicking Invite User

To Import Users, upload a CSV file with the information of one or more users. Please refer to our template CSV file to ensure the correct format for importing.

To learn more about managing your users or adding groups, read on here

Next, let's take a look at how to sync your Accounting Software with Rho.


5. Integrate with Your Accounting Software

For your convenience, Rho has native integrations with NetSuite and QuickBooks. Use another software? Don't worry, Rho supports dozens others via the Plaid integration. Here's how to get started.

Using NetSuite

To sync with NetSuite, log into your Rho account. Click the Integrations icon from the left hand navigation bar, click the 3 dots next to the NetSuite icon and select Connect to NetSuite from the dropdown. You will be directed to the Integration setup page for NetSuite, click Get Started.

As our integration is native, you will have to log into NetSuite from within Rho. See our How do I set up Rho’s NetSuite Integration article for step-by-step instructions.

Once you're connected you can create NetSuite Mapping rules and then Sync to NetSuite. Easy! Your transactions will flow directly through to NetSuite.

Note: If you've been using CSV uploads to sync your Rho account with NetSuite, please contact Rho, so we can get you set up.

Using QuickBooks

To sync with QuickBooks, log into your Rho account. Click the Integrations icon from the Rho toolbar and then select the My Integrations tab. Since the integration is native, you'll need to log into QuickBooks from within Rho.

Once you're logged in, go back to your Rho accounts page, and hit the gray Sync QuickBooks button from any account page.

Using Sage

Head to the Sage app, and click on the Banking tab. Then, select the New dropdown list, and select New Bank Account. Then locate and select Rho Business Banking.

You'll be asked to log into Rho. Then, your account will be connected.

For more information on integrating, please read on here.

Additionally, our support team is here to answer any questions at or 1 (855) 7-GETRHO.

Next, learn how to send money from your Rho accounts.


6. Send your first wire, check, and ACH transfer

There are several ways to transfer funds out of your Rho account. For detailed instructions, please refer to the resources below. 

How to Send an International Wire

How to Send a Domestic Wire

Transferring Money Using an ACH Transfer

Next, we included info and instructions for some key tasks you'll be undertaking regularly. 

Make a payment on your Rho Card

Pay Your Card with your Rho Account

The fastest and easiest way to pay off (or pay down) your current credit balance is to first ensure that your Rho Checking Account is funded. Here are step by step instructions that display how best to fund your account.

Once your checking account is funded, navigate to your Cards tab in your Rho account. From there, you can click the black and green Make A Payment button to initiate a card payment. 



At the end of your credit cycle, when your balance is due in full, your Rho checking account will automatically be debited on your payment due date for the entire balance owed! Just ensure your Rho checking account is funded, for frictionless payments. 

Note: To make an interim or end-of-cycle card payment from a third-party checking account (aka a checking account outside of Rho), please contact your Client Development representative to review your options.

Pay with a 3rd Party Linked Account

As an admin, in Organization Settings > External Bank Accounts, click Add New to connect your bank account via Plaid. 

Once the account is connected, you will see it populated as an option in Cards > Make Payment. 

Automatic Credit Repayments

You can also set up Automatic Credit Payments, by navigating to Organization Settings > Payment Security > Automatic Credit Repayments. Choose your desired parameters and select the funding account. 

When finished, click Save to finalize changes. 


Additional Resources:

How to Set Up Automatic Card Payments

Pay your first invoice

Approving bills is quick and easy with Rho. 

Rho allows your company to set an approval policy, which includes specifying an Approval Threshold, where any bill that exceeds the specified amount must be approved by the specified number of Approvers. You'll learn more about this in the next section.

To approve a bill, you must access the Accounts Payable > Approvals page by clicking the Accounts Payable icon from the Rho Toolbar and then selecting the Approvals tab.


To approve any bill from the Approvals page, click the Additional Options (3 dots) button and select Approve.

Alternatively, you can review the Bill Details for the bill by clicking the Additional Options (3 dots) button and selecting View Bill.

After reviewing the bill you can click the Approve Payment button from the View Bill page.

Configure an Approval Policy

Approval policies streamline the approval process and give you the ability to customize controls.

First, enable Expense Approvals by going to organization name > Organization Settings > Payment Security > Expense Approvals.

Now, start adding approvers. Each tier represents a dollar-amount threshold for which an approver, or approvers will get notified to approve for. 

Direct managers can be assigned solo to a tier, or can be combined with a static user. When multiple approvers are in a tier, any one of them can approve or reject. 



Additional resources:

Expenses Category in Rho's Help Site

How to Set Up Direct Manager Approvals

How to Review Expenses

Create a Budget

To navigate to your Budgets section in Rho, click on Budgets in the side bar menu, which will open the sub-tabs for each area of the Budgets feature

To create a new budget, start by selecting the All Sub Tab to be brought to the Budgets Page. You will then see a button, + New Budget, on the top right hand corner of that page. Please select that to begin creating your new Budget.

Next, you will then be brought to a screen asking you to enter the information needed to create a new budget:

Specify the following values, and click Continue.

  • Budget Name: Enter a unique name of the budget.
  • Budget Amount: Enter the amount of money in US Dollars budgeted for the account.
  • Budget Reset Cadence: Click the drop-down list to select the time period when the budget is reset. For example, if the Reset Cadence for your $10,000 Advertising budget is monthly, then on the first of the next month the Remaining Budget returns to $10,000, regardless of the current monthly expenditures.
  • Color Label: Click the drop-down list to select the assigned color for the budget, used for identification in graphs. The assigned color should not already be used by other budgets for your organization.

When you have created your budget, you are given the option to view the budget or return to the Budget Reporting page.

Additional Resources:

Create a New Budget

Understanding the Budgets Tab

Learn about your AP Inbox

With our Accounts Payable tab, you and your team can create a "Bill" from invoices received by your vendors.

Additionally, our team can create an email inbox for your business to receive invoices. Your vendors can email their invoices to that address, and our team will receive them on your behalf, create your vendor's profile and enter their banking details in the Vendor's tab, and then queue up "Bills" for your approval. All you need to do is log in, and edit, or approve the payment.

Email to set up your AP Inbox.

Learn about Treasury Accounts

Treasury Accounts (also known as ICS / Insured Cash Sweep Accounts) are Rho business accounts designed for clients who are depositing over $250,000 into Rho accounts that can offer FDIC insurance up to $75 million. Typically, Rho clients who utilize these accounts maintain a balance in their Rho Account for their monthly expenditures and then deposit additional funds into their Treasury Account to take advantage of the higher levels of FDIC insurance.

Learn more here