Using AP

How to Use Non-Admin Attribute Coding

Both admins and employees can now view and code their own accounting attributes, helping finance teams eliminate month-end close delays. 

How To Turn on Non-Admin Attribute Coding (Admins and Owners only)

Navigate to User Management > Groups in your Rho Dashboard menu. 

Select the user group you would like to assign this functionality. 

In the Permissions section, click Change Permissions and under Personal Card Management, switch the toggle Code Accounting Attributes to On. 



How to Code Your Attributes as an Employee

If you are an employee who has this permissioning enabled, navigate to the Accounting tab in your Rho dashboard menu. 

For the desired transaction, you can edit the coding for Budget, Accounts, and Vendors in the summary page view. 



For more details, you can click on the desired transaction, and edit the coding for attributes at the bottom of the slide-out screen. 

All changes to attributes and coding are automatically saved on the transaction.

Please note: These images are illustrative only and your exact view may vary based on specific ERPs.