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How to Filter and Set Custom Views in Expenses

Rho’s expense management tool enables all members of your organization to track spend, get approvals, and review unexpected or out-of-policy spend. For a high-level overview of the expenses tab and its functionality, please see Understanding the Expenses Tab

The Expenses view (Expenses > Company) is targeted towards what’s most important for you to know, based on your role. If you’re an approver, you’ll see expenses that require your immediate action. If you disburse, you’ll see a list of reimbursements ready to be paid out. 

Customizing Your View 

The headers at the top of the Expenses tab highlight a summary of categories that may need your attention, summarizing them by Amount. To auto-show this view, click on the filter icon next to the amount.

The default view is set to the last 60 days, but a new date range can be set by navigating to Filter > Date

To personalize your view, click View on the top header.


Here, you’ll be able to:

  • Drag and drop columns to rearrange their order in the table 
  • Select and deselect values, choosing whether they appear in the table

Click a bubble to select or deselect. Bolded values indicate selected values, while those in gray indicate ones the user has chosen to hide. 

Note: Some values are faded, and represent mandatory information on Expenses.


  • Resize columns by clicking on the outer edges of a column and dragging them in the direction you desire 

Search and Filter for Expenses

To help quickly locate specific Expenses, leverage the new filter system or simply search for an expense by name. 

Click on a column name to view options for arranging the data

Note that options vary by column.

Click on the filter icon in the navigation bar to see grouping and sorting options

Search for Expenses by name