Sending Funds

How to Cancel, Reverse or Dispute a Bank Transfer

In the event that you have made an error on an outgoing payment  (for example, sent funds to the wrong vendor or initiated a transfer for the wrong amount), you have a 30-minute window to cancel the transfer before it is released. 

Domestic Wires: Unfortunately Rho does not have the ability to cancel a domestic wire transfer once it enters "Pending" status. Additionally, domestic wires are typically unable to be reversed or recalled. Please exerise caution when initiating domestic wires to vendors by ensuring all details are correct.

International Wires: Cancelations on International Wires can attempted. Cancelations are most effective if the request comes within the same business day the funds are initiated. The more time passes, the cancelation becomes less likley to be successful. Additionally, wires are typically unable to be reversed or recalled, but Rho is happy to attempt to do so. If you wish to attempt a recall, please reach out to

ACH: While ACHs transfers are unable to be canceled once in Pending status, they can generally be reversed/recalled once they settle, within 2 business days. If you wish to recall an ACH, please reach out to

Check: Printed checks can be canceled up until a recipient deposits the check and the funds are cleared by the recipient bank. A check reversal can be attempted post-deposit as well, but it is not guaranteed. To request a reversal, please reach out to Please note, Rho is always happy to request a bank transfer recall, reversal or dispute, however, these actions depend on the cooperation of the recipient bank and may or may not be honored.

Note that outgoing printed checks can be voided until a recipient deposits the funds, however, past the 30-minute cancelation window, the recipient may still receive the voided physical check in the mail.

Any transaction that displays a ‘settled’ status in your account can no longer be canceled. In the event you would like to attempt a transaction reversal, return, or dispute, please reach out to our Rho Client Service Team. Our team can always attempt one of these actions, but they are not guaranteed to be successful. Recalls for ACH transfers are free, recalls for wires may incur a small fee and, if successful, could take up to 4 weeks to be returned.   

To cancel a transfer, please reach out to our Client Service team by sending an email to, reaching out to the Live Chat Support on our website, or giving us a call at +1 (855) 743-8746.