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Using Suggested Rules in Rho Expenses

If you have enabled Expenses in Rho, you can set up rules that will automatically process all Rho Card transactions and reimbursements submitted to Rho. Note that more than one rule can be applied to a single charge, if it falls under its parameters.

You can also configure separate policies for Expenses and Reimbursements.

To help set up these rules, you can take advantage of Suggested Rules in the platform. Admins can access these rules in the Policies tab in Rho Expenses. 


These can serve as a starting point, and can be edited and adapted to meet your company‚Äôs needs. For example, you can use the first suggested rule to require receipts and reasons for all transactions over $25 instead of $10 by clicking the + button and adjusting the condition and rule name to $25. 

Learn more about the Rho Rules Builder here.