Using Rho Cards

How to Create Cards in Bulk

In a few easy steps, you can create multiple Rho cards in bulk for a group of employees.

After logging in to Rho, select the Cards tab in the left navigation menu, followed by Team Cards.




On the right-hand side of the screen, click the black Create Card button, followed by the Bulk Create Cards option in the drop-down menu. 


This will prompt an “Upload CSV” pop-up window. To ensure a smooth upload process, we recommend using the CSV file template you can access by clicking download the template.




Inputs for CSV file: 

Input name  Optional?  Examples

 User Email


 Card Type


 Virtual, Physical

 Card Limit Amount


 Example: 1000

 Card Limit Type


 Fixed, Monthly, Single User

 Budget Name



 Shipping Address


 Example: 100 Crosby Street

Once you are finished adding your data, proceed to upload the file and click Import & Review

This will bring you to the Review and Create Cards screen, where you should see your uploaded CSV information and any errors that have been flagged. Take a moment to review the listed information and make any corrections as needed as you can edit any of the values listed.

For convenience, you have the option to set bulk settings by selecting the checkmark next to the desired individuals and choosing the applicable setting to apply from the row of buttons found in the top-right corner.



Once you have finalized the information, save your changes and create the cards by clicking the Submit button. 

These cards will now appear in the Cards section of your Rho dashboard.