Rho makes it easy to sign up for a business bank account and apply for a corporate card. For both banking and credit accounts, Rho reviews your business holistically. We don’t require personal guarantees, and opening an account or applying for credit won’t impact your personal credit.

Read on to learn about the information we need to learn more about your business.

For all Rho applicants

For regulatory purposes, all applicants are required to provide the below general business information when opening an account with Rho. We’ll also ask whether you’re interested in applying for credit with Rho. This will determine whether we need to collect additional information for underwriting. Please note: the asterisk (*) means the field is required to submit your application.

To better understand your business, Rho also will ask for details about your company structure and for a few legal documents including:

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Company bylaws

  • EIN letter

If preferred, you can speak with a Rho business banker before sharing these documents in the application. We also require you information about all beneficial owners (parties that own more than 25% of your company) in order to submit your application.

For credit applications

If you indicate that you’re interested in applying for credit with Rho, our underwriting team will need the below information. Please note: the asterisk (*) means the field is required to submit your application.

For teams

Throughout the application, you’re able to invite collaborators from your team to help complete the information. To do so, click the Invite Collaborator button at the top right of your application window. You can enter their email address, and they’ll receive a code to access the application.

Screenshot of inviting a collaborator to help complete your Rho application

To protect sensitive personal and business details, collaborators aren’t able to view or edit information that has already been submitted. When you invite a collaborator, you can include a note specifying which sections you need help with. Please note: the access code is only valid for 24 hours.

Submitting your application

Once you’ve completed all the required fields, you’ll be able to submit your application. If your business meets Rho's requirements, a member of the Rho team will be in touch with you to discuss your application.

In the meantime, if you’d like to view your application and add any information, you can do so by going to the beginning of the application and entering the same email address you applied with. There, you’ll be able to see all your progress and add details. Please note: for security purposes, some information will be encrypted, and you won’t be able to edit it. You’ll be able to update that information when you connect with a member of the Rho team.

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