Your organization uses Rho’s platform to streamline company finances and easily manage spending via one intuitive dashboard.

With the user role “Employee”, you gain access to the Rho platform and a Rho Card where you will be able to:

What is my user role?

You can easily view your user role in the top right-hand corner of your screen just below your name. Read our Viewing your User Profile and Account Activity help article for more information.

Rho Cards

How do I create a Rho Card?

As user role “Employee”, you can view all Rho Cards that have been created for you (e.g. by your manager) and you also have the ability to create your own Rho Card.

  • Click the “Cards” icon in the left navigation bar, select the "My Cards" tab, and click the black plus sign to create a new card.

  • Follow the steps outlined in the Create a New Rho Card help article.

  • You may choose to ship yourself a physical card, or create a virtual card to use instantly.

Using your Rho Card:

  • Rho Cardholders can use their cards (virtual or physical) at any merchant that accepts Mastercard both globally and online.

  • To access your Rho Cards, click the “My Cards” Tab and select the card you wish to use

  • This will bring you to the card details page. Simply click on the image of the card to view your card number, expiration date, CVV code, assigned categories, billing address, and monthly spend.

  • To add your Rho virtual or physical card to your mobile wallet, see our Apple Wallet and Google Wallet help articles.

  • Be sure to monitor your monthly spend limit to know how much you have left to spend.

Understanding your Rho Card Details page:

  • The Card Details page lists all of the spending, credit, and transaction details for the selected Rho Card. To access this page, click on your Rho Card from the My Cards page, and it will navigate you to your Details page.

  • From here, you can see:

    • Total Spend - the SUM of charges spend that month so far

    • Card Limit - The limit you can spend per month specific card. *NOTE: This is different from your “user profile limit” which is a spend limit placed on your user profile across all cards and transactions. For example, if this card’s limit is $100, and your User Limit is $150 but you have already spent $100 on another card, you will only be allowed to spend another $50 on this current card, regardless of having $100 per month for the card’s limit. For more information scroll down to see Viewing User Details.

    • Budget - The budget, if any, is assigned to the Rho Card.

  • To reveal the expanded Card Details view, click "See Card Details" on the bottom left of the grey card.

    • Cardholder Name - The name associated with the Rho Card.

    • Billing Address - The address/zip code to enter on your card purchases.

    • Restrictions/ Permitted Spend Categories - Spending category restrictions, if any, that are assigned to the Rho Card. Click to view the categories.

    • Card Type - Whether the Rho Card is a physical card or a virtual card.

    • CVV (only for virtual cards) - The card verification value (CVV) for your Rho Card. Only displayed for Virtual Cards.

    • Expiration Date (only for virtual cards) - The date when the Rho Card is scheduled to expire.

    • Card Number (full number only for virtual cards) - The full Rho Card number that is entered for all transactions.

Managing your Rho Card expenses

Via the Rho dashboard you will be able to view and manage all of your card transactions. Simply click into each transaction to open the transaction drawer and:

Managing your Monthly Spend Limits

Need to make a larger purchase? Close to your monthly limit?

Reach out to the Rho administrator on your team who will be able to update your limit in real-time.

Freeze or Cancel a card in real-time

  • Freeze a card: Click the "Cards" icon on the left toolbar. Select the card, and look for the grey ellipses. In the dropdown, choose “Lock Card.”

  • Cancel a card: Click on the "Cards" button on the left toolbar. Select the card you would like to cancel, and look for the grey ellipses. In the dropdown, click "Cancel Card.

Questions about a charge on your account?

Get in touch with us via our live chat, call us, or email us so we can investigate claims, file disputes for transactions, and provide further support.

Budgets and Labels

As a user role “Employee”, you may be assigned to one or more Budget and any transactions you make using your Rho Card will automatically be attributed to that corresponding budget. To view all Rho Budgets and Labels that you are assigned to, and your contributions to those departmental Budgets and Labels, simply navigate to the Budgets Tab.

For example, if you are a member of your company’s Marketing Team, you may be assigned to the “Marketing Budget”. By clicking into that Marketing Budget, you will be able to perform the below functions:

  • View the Total Budgeted Amount

  • View your team’s Total Spend toward that Budget by Week, Month, Quarter, Year, or specific date range, [including percentage]

  • View all recent transactions assigned to that Budget

  • Sub-categorize your transactions by creating Labels under the Budgets you belong to. For example, under your Marketing Budget, you can create a “Google Ads” Label to tag all your Google Ad transactions.

(Please note if your organization is not utilizing the Budgets feature, you may not see any populated data in this tab)

Accounts Payable

Create Non-Card Transfers to Payees

User role “Employees” can utilize the Accounts Payable Tab to create ACHs, Domestic Wires, International Wires, or Checks to known vendors. This allows you to queue up Bill Payments for your administrator’s review and approval.

  • Start by going to your Accounts Payable Tab, selecting the “Bills” section at the top of the page, and clicking “Create A New Bill”.

  • Make sure the recipient has been created as a “Payee” in the Payee’s Tab by your Administrator.

    • As an “Employee”, you can view all Payees created in Rho for your organization.

    • Note - you will only see the historical payments made by you to those Payees, not by other team members.

  • The Bill page is divided into two panes:

    • The PDF pane on the right is where you can upload and later view the file, typically a bill or invoice.

    • The Bill Details pane on the left is where you enter the information associated with the bill.

  • Upload the invoice PDF file via drag-and-drop or select the “upload” option.

  • Specify the Payee’s Details, Invoice Details, and Payment Instructions.

  • Click Save and your Administrator will be notified that there is a new Bill created for their review and approval.

User Management

View your account settings and transaction activity. Simply click on your name in the upper right corner of your Rho screen to view your User Profile and Settings.

User Profile:

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Assigned User Role/Access Level

  • Monthly Spend Limit Across All Cards

  • If You Are The Account's Designated Approver Or Not

  • Budgets You Have Been Assigned to

  • When Your User Profile Was Created

  • To the right side of that page, you can also see all transactions made by you and all Rho Cards currently issued. For your transactions or "Account Activity" you can View All and sort by Date Ranges, Budgets Tagged, Status and/or a general Search.

User Settings:

  • Change Your Password

  • Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

  • Add A Photo

  • View Your Organizations

Product Feedback

Have an Idea? Want to tell our team about something you’d like to see in Rho? We want to hear from you. To leave your feedback, click on the black message icon with the “i” in the top navigation bar and select Product Feedback from the dropdown.

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