Your User Profile and User Settings can be accessed via the top right corner of your screen when logging into Rho!

When Selecting User Profile, you can view:

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Assigned User Role/Access Level

  • Monthly Spend Limit Across All Cards

  • If You Are The Account's Designated Approver Or Not

  • Budgets You Have Been Assigned to

  • When Your User Profile Was Created

To the right side of that page, you can also see, all transactions made by you and all Rho Cards you currently have! For your transactions or "Account Activity" you can View All and sort by date ranges, Budgets Tagged, Status and/or a general Search.

When Selecting User Settings, you can:

  • Change Your Password

  • Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

  • Add A Photo

  • View Your Organizations.

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