If you have set your banking transfers to require approval prior to being sent, (you can do so by following these steps!), these settings will also apply to any Bills created in your Accounts Payable tab!

Here's how it works!

  1. An Employee, Budget Owner, Bookkeeper, or Administrator (who has not. been designated an account approver), creates a new Bill meant to pay an invoice in the Accounts Payable Tab (here are instructions on how to create a Bill!).

  2. That Bill is either passed to another team member for review and scheduling, or immediately Scheduled for payment.

    1. *NOTE: If the approver doesn't approve the Bill by the business day BEFORE the Payment Date indicated on the Bill, the payment will not get sent, but it will reflect as "overdue" in your Accounts Payable Tab. Payments are sent out at 4am EST on their indicated Payment Date to allow for early settlement.

    2. *NOTE: Additionally, the Payment release dates cannot be a weekend, they must be scheduled on a business day to be released properly.

  3. Once the Bill payment has been Scheduled, the item will move to the Approvals Tab under Accounts Payable. From here, the designated account approvers can approve or deny the queued up payment.

    1. If denied, the bill payment will be deleted.

  4. If the bill payment is approved it will be shown in TWO places in your Rho account while it waits to be sent out on its scheduled payment date:

    1. In Accounts Payable under the Payments Tab (it will reflect a Scheduled Statuts until it is sent on its payment date and Pending)

    2. It will also show in your Banking Tab under Scheduled Payments

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