The fastest and easiest way to pay off (or pay down) your current credit balance is to first ensure that your Rho Checking Account is funded. Here are step by step instructions that dispay how best to fund your account!

Once your checking account is funded, navigate to your Cards tab in your Rho account. From there, you can click the black and green Make A Payment button to initiate a card payment!

To avoid interruptions to your card activity, you can also now set up Automatic Card Payments to automatically pay down your balance once you reach a certain percentage of your allotted spend. Here are instructions on how to set that up as well!

At the end of your credit cycle, when your balance is due in full, your Rho checking account will automatically be debited on your payment due date for the entire balance owed! Just ensure your Rho checking account is funded, for frictionless payments!

NOTE: To make an interim or end-of-cycle card payment from a third-party checking account (aka a checking account outside of Rho), please contact your Client Development team to go over the options.

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