To assign any of your cards or individual charges to a Budget that you have been assigned to, start by navigating to your Rho Cards Tab!

NOTE: While only users with Account Owner, Administrator, and Bookkeeper user roles can assign Budgets to banking transactions, users with Budget Owner and Employee user roles can assign card transactions, to a specific Budget in their Cards Tab, in addition to Account Owner, Administrator, and Bookkeepers!

Assigning Individual Card Charges to Budgets

To assign a Budget to a specific Transaction, simply click the "Not Assigned" section of a transaction's line item (under the Budget column). This will prompt a dropdown list of all of your created Budgets.

You can also click on the transaction to open the Transaction Details window of that charge, scroll down to the Rho Attributes section and select your Budget there!

(Note: You can only assign one Budget to a charge)

Assigning Full Cards to Budgets

If you are an Account Owner or Administrator you can assign any "My Card" or "Team Card" to a specific Budget at any time, upon card creation or after!

If you are a Budget Owner, Bookkeeper or Employee you can assign any "My Card" to a Budget that you belong to upon card creation!

Once a card is assigned to a Budget, every charge that card has will be auto-assigned to that Budget!

To assign a card to a Budget upon card creation, select the Budget in the Budget field of Card Creation page. (To view more information, see Create A New Rho Card).

To assign an already created card to a Budget please see Update Card Settings!

Note: You may first need to assign a user to a Budget prior to assigning their card to that Budget. To do so, see How do I Add or Remove Users to a Budget?

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