Rho makes it easy for you to manage your Rho Card credit terms - on your terms -from directly within your Rho account

How to manage your credit terms & cashback

If you are an Account Owner, to manage your credit terms, select your Rewards Account from the Banking Tab (it will highlight black when you do so). From there click the blue Manage Cashback button at the top of the screen to pull up a pop-up.

Here you will see your current selected credit terms highlighted in green, including your respective cashback, payment period, and the date your terms have been active since.

Rho Credit Terms:

Credit Term

Cashback Rate

Repayment Period

1 Day Term



30 Day Term


1 Day after statement period ends

45 Day Term


15 Days after statement period ends

60 Day Term


30 Days after statement period ends

Please note that all Rho Cards have a monthly statement period.

Changing Your Credit Terms:

From this screen, Account Owners can change your upcoming credit terms for the following quarter.

Click the black Select Term button next to the new credit term that you would like to change to. You will be taken to a screen to confirm your desired change, please review and select Confirm Changes.

Please Note: Your existing terms for the current quarter will not be affected. Your new credit terms will take effect on the first day of the following quarter - you can see the start date outlined in blue below your chosen new terms. You may switch or cancel these changes at any time before that date.

Please contact your Rho Account Manager for assistance should you need further adjustments throughout the quarter.

Available Credit Terms:

All credit terms available to you will be displayed with a white background. Credit terms that you are not eligible for at this time will be greyed out.

If you would like to discuss your credit and reward options, simply click the “Contact Us” button to speak with the Rho Credit Team or reach out directly to your dedicated account manager.

Who can manage credit terms?

Only users with an Account Owner role (beneficiary owners of each entity) will have permission to make changes to credit terms and cashback self-service. If you are an Administrator, Budget Owner, Employee, Bookkeeper, or Investor, you will not be able to make changes within Rho.

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